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Adrienne Stolwyk

Architect, Owner

Adrienne graduated from Kansas State University in 2008 with a M. Architecture, became a LEED AP in 2009 and licensed architect in 2015. She worked at commercial firms in Kansas City and Columbia before founding Monarch Architecture in 2020 with a vision to provide custom residential design services with sustainable design approaches to the Mid-Missouri market.


Adrienne’s construction experience gives her a practical perspective lens to view design ideas. She and her husband, Adam, have completed various renovations in their 1903 home and are currently constructing a Net-Zero Accessory Dwelling Unit (aka backyard house). In 2012 she volunteered with the non-profit CommunityRebuilds in Moab, Utah, helping to build a code-compliant straw bale house from start to finish.


Adrienne loves to sketch out ideas with clients and see their excitement in creating a design solution that works for them!

Alexander Johnson


Alexander holds a BS in Architectural Studies from the University of Illinois at Carbondale.


He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with 3D modeling to the team, enabling Monarch to help clients make design decisions with the aid of photo-realistic renderings, sun/shade studies, and approximated topography.


His hard-working and flexible personality make him an asset to Monarch’s team.

Danielle Hrdina


Danielle is a 2020 graduate of the University of Missouri in the Architectural Studies and is currently pursuing her M.Architecture and architectural license.


She had a leading role in Mizzou’s Student Environmental Design Associates Organization and was part of a design-focused research team. Danielle brings an artistic eye, environmental ethos, and a knack for clearly identifying (and solving!) design problems.


She finds the challenge of balancing design constraints to achieve client-based goals to be the most exciting part of residential architecture.

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