Residential New Construction & Renovation

Residential design, both new construction and renovation, is Monarch Architecture’s primary focus.  We have worked with clients in rural settings where great views and road access are critical design factors, historic homes needing 21st century upgrades, suburban lots with covenants and architectural review boards, and ecologically focused, high-performance houses.


At the forefront of our approach is understanding a client’s goals, budget and the unique challenges and opportunities of their property, so we can explore creative solutions together.

Property Master Planning

Adrienne and her husband, Adam Saunders (pictured here), consult with landowners looking for a “master plan” to guide agricultural development, especially related to fruit and vegetable production. Inspired by principles of permaculture and regenerative design, Adrienne and Adam have helped clients envision long-term goals for their property that can then be divided into distinct phases of development.  


Adam holds a Masters in Forestry, sits on the board of the L-A-D Foundation, and was a co-founder of the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture where he worked for over a decade. After several for-profit annual vegetable production endeavors, he now operates “Adam’s Apples,” where he grafts, plans, plants and maintains orchards for private landowners. Adam’s on-the-ground experience provides perspective on where annual and perennial plants, roads, fences, etc. can be located in regards to solar access, drainage, preventing erosion, and increasing farmworker efficiency.


Adrienne’s design experience, and network of consultants, can help chart a path to navigate City and County regulations (i.e. for parking, building code and food safety). For property owners within municipalities, or wanting to invite the public on site for events, “you-picks”, or other forms of agro-tourism, this planning can help reduce potential friction with neighbors or governing bodies.  Monarch’s artistic and software skills enable the creation of to-scale plans giving landowners a tangible vision to guide their efforts. 

Small Commercial

While Monarch’s focus is custom residential, the firm occasionally takes on small scale commercial projects.  Projects are evaluated on a case-by-case basis; please call to discuss.

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